See how The Project Co. can help your business

Project Management

All projects have a beginning and an end. But where do you start? We've all been there. We know what we want to accomplish but we don't know how to do it or we don't have the extra resources needed to manage it. We can help. 

Process Improvement

How long has it been since you've reviewed your Standard Operating Procedures? If you are like most businesses the answer is never. Investing in process improvement creates job clarity, increases efficiency and helps with onboarding new employees. 

Organizational Development

How effective is your organization at meeting your goals? Is your culture hurting or helping your business? Does your team work well together? Dig into the foundation of teams, culture and performance management to help take your organization to the next level. 
Meet Sara
Sara is the Founder and Chief Task Master of The Project Co. located in Fargo, ND. 

She believes thriving organizations often have solid strategies but need help making them a reality through great project management, process improvement and organizational development.

Sara has spent nearly 20 years working on internal operations for nonprofits and businesses in the FM region. Her experience spans community development, human resources, project management, leadership development, process improvement, program management and organizational development. 

She earned her BS in Speech and Mass Communications from North Dakota State University and a Masters in Strategic Leadership from University of Mary. Sara and her husband, Bill, bought a farm in 2016 and spend virtually all of their free time pretending to be home improvement gurus on their 110-year old farmhouse. They share their love of the country with their daughter, Claire, crazy dogs, Atlas, Abby and Howard, and cats, Angus and Ramsey. 


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